A Temptation of Angels

A Temptation of Angels - You can also find my review at my blog, The Bookaholic: http://the-bookaholic.blogspot.comA Temptation of Angels started off with a bang. I was instantly drawn into the story and wasn’t released from the enchanting tale until the end. Before I picked it up, I was a bit wary. I haven’t always had pleasant experiences with storylines that involve angel type creatures and the like--but Michelle Zink gives the reader something unique and new in this twisted and wonderfully written story. I really loved the development of the characters--most particularly Helen who starts off a bit timid and shy, and by the end grows into a girl of courage and charisma. This was my first time reading anything by Michelle Zink, but it certainly won’t be my last. I adored the details and the setting. The characters are a great bunch of different, individuals--well-rounded and three-dimensional. While there is a love triangle, I found it surprisingly fresh and exciting.Perhaps my only complaints for A Temptation of Angels would be the dialogue felt a bit choppy in areas and maybe too modern for its time. For example, there was an instance that one of the characters used the word ‘awesome’ and I just felt it wasn’t fitting for the time period…a bit out of place. But that really was my only biggest complaint. Otherwise, this was a most excellent read that I found engaging and captivating. I loved both Griffin and Raum. I couldn’t choose between the two honestly. Haha. I soared through these pages with ease, not wanting to put it down, and sad when it came to an end. A Temptation of Angels is a perfect blend of Historical, Paranormal, and Romance. Will there be more? I sure hope so!4.5 stars!