Never Knowing

Never Knowing - Chevy Stevens First off, thank you to GoodReads' First Reads for giving me the chance to read this advanced reader's copy! I received a free copy of "Never Knowing" after winning it through the GoodReads' First Reads program. This never influences my opinion, however, as my reviews are always honest. :)What would you do if you found out your birth father was really a serial killer?After reading this, I asked myself the same thing. And I couldn't answer myself really. I was completely dumbfounded by the possible idea. This story was riveting, realistic, and emotional.Ms. Stevens is very likely to have another best seller on her hands, I'm sure.Told in first person narrative, as if the character is speaking to her psychiatrist, the reader goes along on Sara's journey to discover some pretty dark stuff. And it's a thrilling ride all the while. I was unable to put the book down, constantly wanting to know what happened next.... and holy cow, there's a major shock at the end that absolutely floors you!Each character is unique and has their own three-dimensional personality, creating a bond with the reader in their own different way. Even Ally, the six year old daughter. And the serial killer. I loved the amazing characterization that was put into this with great such great care. It made it all that much more realistic. At times, I felt I was reading someone's memoir, rather than just a piece of fiction- and that, my dear friends, means it was really just that good.Here's the scary part. It COULD be real, though. Somewhere in this world, a child or adult COULD possibly the offspring of a serial killer. Someone could experience this, or could have experienced a situation similar to this. This is a story that really makes you think... not only while you're reading it, but long after you've finished. A very compelling, deep, dark, yet lovely read. I can't wait to read more of Ms. Stevens' work!I highly enjoyed this. To be released: July 5, 20114.5 stars!Pixie (The Bookaholic)