Glimmerglass (Faeriewalker Series #1)

Glimmerglass - Jenna Black You can also find my review at http://the-bookaholic.blogspot.comGlimmerglass surprised me. When I first picked it up, I was expecting another typical Fae tale. One that went with most of the usual myths and legends, and only hoped that the author would find her own voice among the countless others and show me something new.It went completely beyond my expectations. I was stunned. What an interesting, amazing world that Ms. Black created through the start of this series! I was immediately captivated and wanted to learn more right away! This is not your typical Fae story, no siree. I would say that this may even be a decent starter for anyone who wants to get into a Fae series, but doesn't want to leave the technical world behind them and still just learning about these wonderful beings. It's full of fantasy, action, creep-factor, but also a much more modern take on the faerie species.I love fae tales. The Iron Fey series. The Wicked Lovely series. Just to name a couple. I don't know why I hadn't picked this one up before to be honest. Maybe I had been a bit wary due to mixed reviews. I shouldn't always trust all reviews entirely as we all know that we have our different reading tastes. Glimmerglass stands on its own ground in a different light from the others I've read. It's not the best, I'll admit, but it's one of the more unique ones.I found Dana very relatable, having grown up fast during my own childhood and teen years myself. I like finding characters that I can relate with like that. It makes me feel more connected to their story.I definitely look forward to continuing on with this series.