Quicksilver - R.J. Anderson

It’s really tough for me to decide if Quicksilver was better than Ultraviolet or not. Oh my. I’m at a loss of words here really. These two books. The love. The feels I get from them.


Yeah…I just speak a bunch of gibberish and fan-girling awe over how much I really love this set. So, you’ll have to excuse me here. If you weren’t around the blog at the time, I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of Ultraviolet in summer of 2011. It took me by surprise. That book not only became one of my favorite books that year, but one of my favorites of all-time. And by now, most have already figured out I’m not usually a fan of science fiction books. It takes a lot to get my attention in that genre. Well, Ultraviolet took the cake on that.


After an exciting interview with Ms. Anderson later that year, I learned there was going to be a sequel/companion novel, and I’d been waiting since with so much excitement. I never thought waiting was going to drive me so crazy. Haha! Then finally, FINALLY, I had my chance to read it after almost a year and a half of waiting. Thank you so much to Ms. Anderson and Carolrhoda Lab for the e-ARC and the opportunity to read and review. Let me just take a moment to gather my brain together again. All my words are jumbled up. Reviews like this are so hard to write!


This book. THIS BOOK. In Quicksilver, the readers are getting a glimpse at Tori instead. Allison isn’t in the picture too much here since this is Tori’s story, and it takes place months after Ultraviolet’s events. I admit, at first I was wary of this, but then it just worked. It was stunning. I loved it. Quicksilver is intense and in your face. I admit that I totally “eeped” out loud at some reunions. Laughed out loud. Gasped. Teared up. I couldn’t stop reading once I started reading.


The writing… Ahhh… the writing. I know why Ms. Anderson has climbed her way toward the top of my list of favorites. She can write. Her words provide stunning visuals and makes you feel exactly what the characters are feeling. There’s plenty of twists and turns, and your mind will be left spinning in amazement.


I may not know which of the two is my favorite, but I do know Quicksilver still wowed me as much as the first did. I also know there will never be a day I turn down reading a book by Ms. Anderson. Every book she writes will be on my shelf. Absolutely stunning.If you’ve read and enjoyed Ultraviolet, you really don’t want to miss out on Quicksilver.