The Humans: A Novel

The Humans - Matt Haig

Some say The Humans is “just” about an alien.


Well, yes, this is true. But it’s more than this. It’s also about finding the humanity in ourselves.


This book. THIS BOOK, you guys. I can’t speak highly enough of it. There’s always that one book you pick up and you just know you’re going to like it before you even start reading. This is that book.


I’d been anticipating this book for months. Ever since I’d read Haig’s The Radleys last year and was put on to this author’s writing, I was excited for its release. And seeing the blurb just had me salivating for what was to come. I’m glad to say I wasn’t let down in the slightest and I’m screaming for more books now.


The Humans provides the reader with a lot of charm. It is funny, insightful, and inspiring. I couldn’t put it down once I started reading. The only annoyance I had to be honest was the math chatter at times (because I loathe math), but seeing as how our main character is a math-whiz, it was understandable and essential to the story. I adored “Andrew’s” growth and progression throughout as he stayed on Earth, especially his interaction with the family dog. And really, who can't love heart-warming moments with a dog? This book I will be recommending to everyone, just like The Radleys. It’s fantastic. Brilliant and beautiful.


4.5 stars.