Insurgent (Divergent Series #2)

Insurgent (Divergent Series #2) - You can read more of my reviews at The BookaholicMaybe it was just me. Or maybe not. I don’t know. Insurgent didn’t captivate me the same way Divergent had. And that made me so terribly sad. I struggled to get through the first 250 pages or so. While I read Divergent in a day, it took me almost two weeks to read Insurgent. Let me make a note here too: I did start off reading Insurgent with a goal in mind to read it slower than Divergent because I wanted to savor it. But I didn’t really think it would end up going that slow either. I’d assumed that I would draw it out for only a few days. My biggest problems were that there were so many secondary characters this time around to keep track of, that seemed to have larger roles than before, that my head spun a bit. I felt a little lost at times honestly trying to figure out who was who and why they were an integral part and what stood out. In the end, I even asked myself “How did she come up with so many names?” haha. But these were minor. I didn’t hate Insurgent. I still enjoyed it for the most part. I just couldn’t bring myself to love it as much as the first. I think I have a tendency in most cases with series to not like the sequels as much anyway. Is anyone else like this? Tris and Four/Tobias, please stick with calling him one of those names, seemed different in this installment. Tris was sometimes bitchy. I don’t remember her being that way in the first book. Maybe I need to reread it? She still has that strong-willed determination that I love though, and I’m glad that didn’t falter. Four was the biggest change for me though. He had moodswings I couldn’t comprehend the reasoning behind, was whiney at times, and other times too dependent of Tris (sure he’s in love, I get that, but I’m trying to get a different point across with that one. Sorry, having a hard time explaining.). I thought in Divergent he was such an amazingly crafted character that showed intelligence and power, but here he didn’t seem to display that much. He had his moments though, and in those rare moments, I caught glimpses of my favorite version of Four and I wanted more of that. What I most particularly liked though was that the start of Insurgent begins right where Divergent left off. There’s not some “Two months later” thing and then a bunch of backstory to catch up on. It just starts BAM right back on the train from where we were left at the end of Divergent, and I really quite liked that. Not many sequels start this way. And for that I’m grateful. There were more twists and turns and an outrageous ending that still has me reeling. In a way, now I’m glad it took me some time to finish. It may not feel like such a long wait until the third installment this time around the way the wait felt with Insurgent. This book was probably one of the most anticipated sequels of the year and I completely understand why. The world that Ms. Roth has crafted for this series is unusual and strange--not always believable--but entertaining and addictive. I look forward to seeing what happens next, though I'm not in a big rush.