Wuthering Bites - Sarah Gray Where do I begin? This book rather surprised me. I was shocked at how much I actually enjoyed it in the end. "Wuthering Heights" is probably one of my favorite novels of all time.. one of the best classics of all time, in my opinion. It is a beautiful, dark, haunting tale in itself. "Wuthering Bites"- while I honestly thought the title was a bit cheesy, and I'm sure the title was given as a marketing ploy and in order to try and stay as closely matched with it's 'original' wasn't near as awful or comedic as I thougt it would be. It was basically Wuthering Heights, with a bit of a vampire story tossed along in it. At times, I did feel it mocked the original some, or came off as a bit too comedic in some areas- most especially when the author kept referring to the creatures as "beasties", but the overall piece held my attention and I did actually enjoy it very much. This "Monster Mash Up" genre in general sort of intrigues me. I only hope that it compels readers to read the original classics as well. In all honesty, I didn't feel it necessary that Wuthering Heights was written into this, as it was already a dark, beautiful and haunting tale. And at times this author of Wuthering Bites did nothing to add more to the atmosphere. I'm a huge, huge fan of Wuthering Heights. So this didn't change my love for it one bit. If anything, it made me want to rush to my bookshelf and read my old original copy once again. If anyone reads this, I do highly recommend reading "Wuthering Heights" as well, lest you miss out on a truly great classic.If I were to judge this as a completely stand alone piece and not compare this to Wuthering Heights (and I'm sorry, but I have to compare because that's what it's meant for), I would almost say that this is one of the best vampire pieces I've read in awhile.I'm rather surprised honestly that it seems this book hasn't been getting a little more recognition than I feel it should.I give it 4 stars. A pretty great rating from me.