Bloodlines - Richelle Mead You can see my review at http://the-bookaholic.blogspot.comIf you haven’t read The Vampire Academy Series, what in the world are you waiting for?! My suggestion is to read that series before diving into Bloodlines. You won’t exactly be lost if you do happen to read Bloodlines first, but you’ll know some of the characters much better- as well as some parts where backstories are mentioned. Now that I’ve established this, I’d like to let out a big WHOOP and EEEOWW for Bloodlines! It completely blew me away! There was only one reason I wanted this book and that reason was named Adrian Ivashkov. If it hadn’t been for him, I honestly don’t think I would have bothered with it- or at least not this soon- no matter that it’s a VA spin-off. Honestly, I was never a big fan of Sydney or Jill in VA, so upon hearing about the spin-off last year, I was wary. But when I heard Adrian was making his appearance as an MC for the new series, my heart soared. Bloodlines not only met my expectations, but it went above and beyond. I may not have been much of a fan before of the two girls- but I absolutely adore Sydney and Jill now, most particularly Sydney, who is much stronger and sassy than she appears. There were a lot of laugh out loud moments and great twists and turns. As always, Richelle Mead knows how to deliver a story that packs a punch. I could not put this book down until I finished (and I finished in a little less than twelve hours)!I will not say too much more, because if I do, it might become a spoiler for the VA series- and I don’t want to do that for anyone who hasn’t read that series yet, either. Just know this: Read it. Highly recommended. Loved, loved, loved.