A Pirate's Pleasure - Heather Graham This wasn't bad, but I wouldn't call it "wow" or "great literature", either, of course. Haha. I also normally don't go for these types of novels in general... but it was a fun read, nonetheless. It had some twists, nice descriptions, and I read it fast. I read it a couple years ago and it was enjoyable. Hey, I do love pirates, too. Can someone say "Captain Jack Sparrow"?? Wooo! I would recommend it to someone who likes erotica/romance or historical romance of this type as they'd probably quite like it. On my own personal level, I just don't read in this exact style too often (erotica), unless with some exceptions (I enjoyed The Black Dagger Brotherhood series for awhile anyway), so it didn't appeal to my reading tastes enough for me to give a high rating on this. It doesn't mean I thought it was terrible, though, because it was still a pretty decent enough read if this is your thing. :)