Brightwing - Sullivan Lee Full review can be found at http://the-bookaholic.blogspot.comJam packed with action, Brightwing wasn’t at all what I had originally expected. Initially going into it, I didn’t think know what to think of the whole premise, but I found it a unique idea. From someone who doesn’t read crime novels too often, I can say that this took me by surprise and became one of those on my list that I enjoyed in the genre. In fact, it’s became apparent that I’m rather enjoying this genre the few times I’ve read in it.Brightwing was different. The characters are well-crafted and developed through, and honestly I have to say I didn’t like them. But this was a rare case that not liking the characters didn’t pull me away from the story- rather it drew me into the story instead. They were intriguing in a sense. Criminals that in the real world, a normal person would be screaming for justice, not wanting to see their freedom. Reading this brought on a lot of thoughts and questions on behalf of the characters in this situation. Do I want to see them go free or do I want to see them punished?Lucy brought on waves of curiosity. I loved reading her legends and the interesting life style of hers. Native legends and history in general have always fascinated me. To see it crafted through the story was very nicely done. Brightwing brought on emotion, too. Disgust, hate, anger, joy, love, heartache, and more. I liked that. I liked being emotionally drawn into a story, despite feeling a bit withdrawn from the characters due to their actions. It kept me reading, and the action was high and nail-biting.A riveting, compulsive read.