Coffee at Little Angels - Nadine Rose Larter You can read my full review at http://the-bookaholic.blogspot.comI enjoyed the characters of Coffee at Little Angels. They were all crafted so diversely and unique in each their own way. I really disliked a particular few, and then really connected with others in a way that I didn’t want to see them go. The opening is a real hook that pulls you right into the story immediately. Attention-grabbing! My only complaints are that at times, mostly the ending, I felt incomplete or detached. Phil’s accident was a mystery but no one was bothering to find out what happened or to try any attempt at justice. The ending was a bit abrupt and left me wondering what was going to happen with some of the characters and their futures maybe, and a certain question that had been hanging in the air the entire time was never answered for the reader. It wasn’t a particular major problem in the end- but a slight annoyance anyway.However, it was the amazing characterization that flowed seamlessly that redeemed the entire story. Sometimes it was hard keeping tabs on everyone since there were so many characters, but once I got the grasp of it, I started picking along my favorites and my least favorites. I very quickly hated Melanie. And very quickly loved Maxine and Grant.It was a fun read, even for a genre that I normally don’t find myself reading much. This brought back a lot of memories for myself of old high school friends.Coffee at Little Angels was entertaining, tender-hearted, and character-driven. 3.5 stars!