Sweet Venom - Tera Lynn Childs It took me a lot longer than I wanted to get through this one because it was on my Kindle app for my phone. And believe me, it's a struggle reading from a phone--much more so than on a computer. Anyways, at least there was something about it that held my attention to keep going back to it and not give up, right? I did find it quite entertaining. The characters were fun. But maybe not a huge wow factor for me. I think I went into it with my excitement level a little too high because I'd been waiting soooo long to read this one. Either way, I liked it and would recommend it to those looking for a fun read full of mythology, mystery and action (I do love my mythology, too). Also--totally awesome that I share my last name with the character, Grace. ^^There were quirks, though, that I guess you could say bothered me. Most of all, it was the changing view points between each sister--and one of the sisters wasn't even introduced until almost halfway into the book. It's rare that I like a book with constant character view changes, and even more rare when it's all in first person point of view. This just didn't suite my reading style and I'm sorry to say that it distracted me from the entire story. Although the overall story was unique, I couldn't get into the characters and that was the downfall. In the end, SWEET VENOM was still an engaging and fun read. I can see the appeal. I wish I'd read the physical copy instead of the e-book... and the cover is quite beautiful. I'd rather have held this book. :)