Storm Born, #3 (Dark Swan Comic) - Richelle Mead I just want to say thanks so much to Sea Lion Books for sending me along a copy to read and review! I'm absolutely adoring seeing Storm Born as a graphic, as it's also one of my favorite series by Richelle Mead. Being able to see all of the action put into some amazing graphics is WONDERFUL. And they're really gorgeous graphics, too!Issue #3 starts off immediately where #2 left off, and I was excited getting into it knowing I'd get to see Dorian in this one. Dorian is my favorite character. :P Very happy to see him gracing across the pages, and that his personality still popped through just as it did in the books. It's really fun seeing everything, and while I'm normally not a huge fan of graphic novels- I'm a huge fan of this one! Bravo! :)By the way, even if you haven't read The Dark Swan series by Richelle Mead, there's absolutely nothing holding you back from picking up this graphic series if you're interested. You don't have to read the books first to read the graphics. :) (Although I do recommend reading the book series as well if you haven't! It's great!)Thanks again!