Broken - A.E. Rought Broken had all the makings to be fantastic, but it fell short by the end for me despite that it was entertaining and an easy page-turner. I’ve loved the story of Frankenstein for a long time, and going into this, I had really high hopes. Maybe it’s because I’m not really much of a Twilight, sappy romance fan, and much too often, Broken tried to come off that way. What I did like were the descriptions and the thought put into the story. There’s tension built around the characters and it’s clear from the start for the reader that there’s going to be a dark mystery surrounding them. In the beginning, Emma is suffering through the loss still of her boyfriend’s death. He’d passed a few months prior, but she still wants to cling to the memories. I immediately sympathized with the character and situation. What I really hated though, was that the minute poor Emma tried to move on from her boyfriend’s passing and try to start showing romantic interest in someone new--she gets called a “slut” basically just because she’s seen holding hands with the new guy. Things like this tend to tick me off. Let’s say a situation comes along like this in reality, this is kind of saying that someone trying to move on is going to be seen this way?? Come on. Once this started in, I really became detached at the unrealistic approach of handling that. I also felt the climax and the whole bad-guy thing wasn’t believable. He didn’t really have a motive that I could see other than “she is the pretty girl that he wants”. I can’t say much more than that without giving away spoilers, but he aggravated me. As for the romance, it felt like it ran too fast. Instant. But not bad. It’s a good teen drama and I liked the development of Alex more so than other characters. Some of the scenes with him did quite remind me of a good Frankenstein inspiration. The monster trying to fight the monster inside. Except, he’s not reaaallyy a monster because he’s been painted as a beautiful and quiet young man that the MC is emotionally torn over. Also strangely enough, has a “connection” with him, which later leads to a rather predictable ending. This is not at all saying that I hated it though. Because I really didn’t. To be fair, Broken is a well done, modern romantic new version of Frankenstein and I still had a rather pleasant experience reading it. It’s a page turner, often setting a dark tone that I find myself always enjoying in any book I read, and full of suspense, romance, and drama. The writing is amazingly well crafted…and I should probably add more emphasis that this IS a Frankenstein re-telling after all. I mean, how often do we really see that? :P3.5 stars