The Eye of the World  - Robert Jordan So after being bugged (endlessly) by my friend, Kelly, to get around to this series I finally have... and I liked it! Much more than I thought I would. I'm quick to admit that I'm not usually into epic, hardcore fantasy like this most of the time--or at least I'm pretty picky about it at least. It gets dense, and sometimes a bit boring (sorry epic lovers!). While this book took me quite some time to finish because I was reading it on the side of several other books, and it's a long book, I didn't seem to have that problem with this one. I didn't get bored. I never forgot about it or found myself confused when I picked it back up, and I thoroughly enjoyed the story and characters. It did start a little slow to build up the details, but I understood that. Once things picked up, it became a book hard to put down, and many characters I instantly grew to adore (Morraine, Lan, Thom, and Rand...). I saw very quickly why this series has been so well-loved by many people I know. Will I continue on with the series? That I really don't know about. Even as much as I enjoyed this first book, it's quite a long series. Seeing as how I have to read one while reading several other books at once--and this in turn makes it to where it takes me almost two months to finish one book--I can't say if I want to invest in that just yet at this time. But it was really good and I'm sure I'll get the others eventually.