Scarlet - A.C. Gaughen Hold onto your tights, everyone! Scarlet is going to be one of the must reads of 2012! In all fairness, this is coming from someone that could never get into the whole Robin Hood scene, too. Sure, I enjoyed the legendary story that was taught to me as a child about the infamous thief and his merry men. I enjoyed it for its lessons and the characters, and the history. But through the years, I practically grew to despise every film and story retelling/remake because I just thought it was outdated and overdone. Yes, I even hated that crazy Disney cartoon as well. Don’t get me started on that. Perhaps it was my decision to steer clear of most of this that had Scarlet completely floor me from the first page through the last. I wasn’t going into it already overwrought with the storyline, but still knew the characters and background enough that I could enjoy the beauty and wonderful tale.In no time at all, the action starts and you’re along for quite a rollercoaster ride full of emotional, thrilling bumps while reading. Yes, there’s a mild “love triangle” and while they tend to annoy me at times, the one here was written expertly and didn’t detract from the story at all. I found the romantic elements throughout realistic, gorgeous, and creative. Each character had a personality of their own, and they leapt from the pages as I read, showing me their world and themselves with their depth and the crafty details. Scarlet is a strong, confident woman, and while at first you might think she won’t have much more to grow with-- by the end, you’ll find that she’s a different woman. Deeper. More connected to others. A sense of life about her. All the while, still retaining the strength and confidence that she’d held in the beginning. I read through the story quickly, unable to put it down. It’s written in an old-fashioned classic-type feel and I adored the style of it. The narration of Scarlet’s voice was executed very well done. I also really hope there’ll be more… a sequel, a series… something!! I want more Scarlet and Rob!Thanks to Scarlet, it’s made a fan out of me again for Robin Hood. And if you’re like me, and never were much of a fan of the Robin Hood stories, I believe you could still enjoy this tale just as well. Highly engaging, great action, and wonderful romance to be sure. Most definitely recommended!5 stars!