The Murmurings - Carly Anne West Ever look at a book and the first word that comes to mind is “creepy”? That was me with The Murmurings, only to be more confused by the inside of it because it wasn’t exactly what I’d expected it to be going into it. Where the cover starts with creep factor, dark and shocking, the story ends a bit on a flat note with some disappointing characters and what I felt like, an unnecessary romance. I did feel the story moved along at a nice pace with easy explanations. It read well and the ideas presented were interesting enough to hold my attention throughout. I didn’t always quite understand the whole Taker/Seer thing to be honest, and the doctor didn’t entirely win me over as any kind of villain. My biggest hang-up on the entire read was the romance though--a seemingly awkward girl dealing with loss (when she openly admits later that her sister had always been the popular one even before) and the “hot” overly-loved popular guy. I really don’t connect with many of these types of relationships when I see them in books most of the time, anyway, and this wasn’t any exception. But for The Murmurings, I couldn’t help but wonder… was the romance even necessary at all?Details were good. I read it through entirely and was genuinely entertained by the story. As for recommendation from me, I’ll let the reader decide on their own for that one. It’s not bad and if you’re curious to read it--I’d still say go for it and see what you think for yourself.