Goddess Interrupted - Aimee Carter You can find my full review on my blog, The Bookaholic: http://the-bookaholic.blogspot.comI love Mythology, and while I honestly am not a huge fan of how Ms. Carter plays out the mythology with this series, I must admit that it’s just read-able. I find it entertaining and fun, and the action flows through one scene until the next to keep me turning the pages. There are flaws, and I don’t enjoy much of the characterization but there’s an intrigue to the story that held me to the story. Henry bothered me mostly, in both books. I don’t have a problem with tortured souls normally, but he was just a little too much to handle at times. He became unnecessarily whiney, or ridiculously withdrawn. It became somewhat annoying. I had no connection with him--and it also took awhile to get a connection with Kate with her constant “Does he love me or not” whining as well. I liked the action and descriptions though. When I first met Kate in The Goddess Test, I liked her attitude better there I think, as well as the build-up of the story and tension between all of the characters. It had an effect and a lot of good twists and turns with a good solid ending. This is where we start to get to know some of the past, feel sympathy for Kate’s background, and learn the myth/inspiration of the Carter’s world. I wasn’t completely satisfied with how Ms. Carter turned around the mythology, but as a writer I also like the creative, new story she created from the inspiration of the old myth using the gods and goddesses. So I’m on the fenceline for that one. Goddess Interrupted picked up immediately right where the first one left off. I had a difficult time getting into the second as much as the first. I fear I may not read the third after this--but we’ll see. I probably will though due to some unanswered questions that are now nagging me at the back of my brain. There is a lot going on in the second that sometimes had me sighing with frustration and sometimes smiling. This was the installment where I felt the characterization mostly fell flat for me---when Henry became more “tortured” and Kate became needy and whiney, and I got annoyed. I admit, however, that I felt that this is where I also felt that the story seemed to pick up more too, and I got to know the characters and background more intimately as well. I really like James and Ava most particularly. Their characters are so protective and fun, in both books, and I was instantly drawn to them from the start. The ending was a surprise and it’s what may be the glue that keeps me holding on for the next. It’s just a fascinating storyline that I can’t help but to find to be beautiful and charismatic. This series has a charming quality that keeps me at attention. It’s unique and engaging with plenty of drama and action. edited: Original review gave it a slightly higher rating. I've since changed my mind through re-read and dropped it a bit personally. It's still one of those quirky reads that I think people will find easily addictive, but not something I can re-read again.