Garden of Stones - Sophie Littlefield I finished this title some time ago and while I normally find a lot Harlequin titles among my favorites or highly rated at least, I was rather bored at times by this one unfortunately. I don't remember much about it now that time has passed but found it only fair that I still write out some thoughts. I DO remember that it was quite an awful learning experience--meaning, even the history geek that I am, I'd learned some new information that I really didn't know until reading this book. It was quite tragic learning about some of these events. Sure, I knew about that part of the past, the general basics of it, but I honestly didn't know much of the details. I'm just sorry I couldn't connect more with the story. The writing was solid and often emotional, and it being my first Littlefield book, at least I know now that I'm definitely willing to go out and pick up more of her work in the near future.This subject, though, should definitely be touched on more in education and history texts.