Caged (Caged, #1) - Amber Lynn Natusch 2.5-3 stars. For the Got Caged? Blog Tour, posted on my blog 9/26/12.When I first started reading Caged, I admit there was a bit of confusion. I couldn’t quite connect with Ruby and there were a lot of flips and turns through the passages that genuinely confused me as a reader. One minute, she was a recluse, the next she seemed to be quite the social butterfly. The way it jumped like that bothered me a bit, and I had to grasp the story again in order to get it. I didn’t find out her age until later in the story, and admittedly it wasn’t fitting to me. Up until that point, I was imagining her to be younger, maybe just fresh out of college-age at best, around twenty-one or twenty-two, but was surprised to find she was twenty-eight. Maybe it was just me, I’m not sure. There were instances and hints at insta-love. Which I really do not like. I barely had time to get to know Sean or Eric before there seemed to be crushes and attractions and swoons. Ruby made some terrible decisions. Ruby was always a damsel in distress and a victim in order for there to be any action to pull the story along. These were small annoyances I found while reading. This was almost a DNF, but I pushed through and continued on with the story. Thankfully, it did start picking up toward the middle where I really learned more about what was going on exactly, and found some somewhat interesting paranormal elements that involved a unique take on werewolves.What I did like is that there was never a dull moment. Once the story picked up, I did find the paranormal elements mixed in a pleasant surprise. I liked Ruby’s voice and witty banter when she had her moments with Sean. She also really developed by the end, growing from a timid and barely noticeable character in the beginning, to one with determination, depth, and strength. That’s what I like when reading characters best: seeing their growth through the pages, a visible change that works for the story. This is a paranormal read with plenty of twists and turns for a reader to enjoy. Most particularly if you enjoy werewolves and romance. I’ve never been a huge fan of most werewolf stories in general, so it may be better suited to those who love this supernatural creature more than me. It was an entertaining read at best, though. Thank you for the opportunity to provide my honest review and to be apart of the blog tour.