Aleron: Book One of Strigoi Series - Kane DNF (126 pages out of 244). Didn't work out for me. Will post a short review at a later date. Edit: The cover is what originally pulled me in on this one. Complete cover lust. It's beautiful. Then the blurb. And the fact it's called "Strigoi" series. If you didn't know, I'm a huge Vampire Academy fan, and this is where I first learned of the Strigoi legend. A lot of people might mistakingly say that the author is trying to 'steal' Richelle Mead's mythos, but the fact of the matter is Richelle Mead actually used a real legend. The Strigoi come from Romanian mythology. I'm rather fascinated in various vampire legends from across the world through the centuries. *nerd* Anyways, I was excited to pick this one up because of that. But it started slow and it stayed slow. It was dry. The characters felt so flat and one dimensional. Sometimes it was confusing. About halfway through, I still just didn't get it..and well with my schedule, sometimes I just have to put books down if they're not capturing my interest. I'm sad this one couldn't do that.