Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James Had to mark this as 'read' to put it on my 'will not read' shelf. (edit: Thanks Zoe for the tip about the shelves and how to make it exclusive without having it on my 'read' shelf. So embarrassing. Haha. All fixed now. :P)Anywho. I'm not going to get snarky or rude. I have this shelf reserved simply for my own organization purposes. I've read enough about this book to know it's definitely not for me. To add, I've probably read well over half of it through the fan fiction and through the "original" in reviews alone, and it definitely has turned me away from ever wanting to read the series. I completely respect everyone else and their tastes. To each their own. But this one will not be picked up by me in the near future for sure. It wouldn't be fair to the author for me to read it solely on the purpose of tearing it apart since I know ahead of time it's not in my preference.