Radiant Desire - Inara Scott My review can also be found at The Bookaholic: http://the-bookaholic.blogspot.comRadiant Desire was a sexy, unique fairy story. Let me start by clarifying that there are occasions I don’t always read YA, and I’ll review adult reads too if the premise intrigues me enough. I was immediately interested in Radiant Desire for the simple fact that it was about Fae-- I always seem to have a soft spot for this species. This is an adult read with erotic themes-- not usually a genre (erotic) I pick up very often nowadays.While it was entertaining and an enjoyable enough read, I struggled at times to get through it. The writing was solid and the romance beautifully done, but I fall more for the traditional type of Fae. You won’t exactly find that in Radiant Desire. No allergens to iron. No courts. Not that this is a problem-- as a writer myself, I always love seeing new twists on old legends and such. I just didn’t quite connect with it fully here as a devoted fairy lover. I liked the emotion. Often I felt a deep sympathy for Kaia, especially when she had her intense struggles. Sometimes I felt the author had an underlying message about the country’s problem with homelessness. It certainly is a problem that usually goes ignored very sadly. I’m a strong advocate for donating to shelters when possible.By the end, the reader gets a sense there will be more books revolving around this world but perhaps as another story with one of the other Handmaids since Kaia’s story seemed complete. I might be interested to read more too if that’s true.I was entertained nonetheless and liked this story a lot even though it wasn’t quite what I had expected.