Grave Mercy  - Robin LaFevers, R.L. LaFevers

I understand that it says I've been "reading" this book for a couple of weeks, but I really haven't. I've barely started the first chapter. :(

Not because I don't want to! Only because I really got into Ashfall. Then I did a read-a-long with Jessie and Lyn with Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone. :P Now I have to have Tandem read before the galley expires in a few short days.... and I should be reading For Darkness Shows the Stars and Across a Star-Swept Sea very soon!


Ack. Seems I've booked up my schedule a bit recently. O_o


I'll still keep this on my currently-reading, but it's going to be read soo slowly since I'll only be able to pick it up when I have the spare time for the "me read."