Taste of Darkness - Maria V. Snyder

I completely adored the first two books of this series, but couldn't find myself all that attached going into this installment. Maybe it's been because of the recent reading slump I've been in--haven't had much the desire to do much reading or anything at all--and it's left me feeling all meh toward this one. My largest problem was the first hundred-fifty pages or so, I felt I was getting too much detail into how Avery felt and the action really lacked. It left me bored the majority of the beginning, despite the gorgeous writing and tension build-up. Despite how excited I'd been to return back to Snyder's world and characters.


I also have to be honest to say that I completely missed the ending. I'd been about 60 pages away from it when my e-galley expired. So it's definitely going to deserve a re-read either way, and when I do maybe I won't be in such a slump and will have a different opinion about a few things.


I'm still not thrilled with how a few things turned out from book two (a few readers might know what I mean-- character 'reunion'/reincarnation thing, ya know? Mixed feelings on this.) and this continued to transition into Taste of Darkness. Would have loved some different scenarios, but things still worked and it wasn't bad. I particularly liked the start right from where the last page of the second had left off at, without all the unnecessary backstory when reading a series installment (c'mon, you're reading *book three*... shouldn't need a few pages of filler backstory to explain where the characters are, right?).


I gave it a 3 star rating for now because while I enjoyed it, I was very "okay" about it, too. But it's possible with a re-read later--and to find out the last bit of the ending--it could be higher. I have to get out of this slump. :/