William Shakespeare's Star Wars

William Shakespeare's Star Wars: Verily, a New Hope - Ian Doescher

(I thought I'd already put this on my list and rated it)


To be fair, adding in the whole "William Shakespeare's" bit on the title is a whole marketing thing obviously. There is nothing Shakespeare here, not even any familiar lines or quotes from one of his plays to fit amongst the story as a humor addition. Eh. Oh well. I have to be blunt also and say that I absolutely hate Star Wars. I mean, I really hate it. So what if I've seen all 6 damn movies. Why did I? Because I'm married and my husband likes Star Wars and I watched them with him. He did watch my Star Trek with me on occasion so I guess I owed him. Whatever. I will NOT be watching any new ones that are made in the next few years though. Bleggghh. However, there was something rather interesting about this little book that I noticed...


I ENJOYED IT. That's right. Don't attack me yet, Star Wars fanatics. I enjoyed a Star Wars story. Boom. Maybe it was because of the Shakespeare-style verse it'd been written in. I am a Shakespeare geek after all (and it also helped that I already knew the story going into it). Maybe it was the adorable little book in general. It is so cute with the art and everything--I really like looking at it on my bookshelf! Either way, I quite enjoyed Shakespeare's Star Wars. If you're a Shakespeare fan and don't like Star Wars, it could very well have you thinking you've changed your mind just as it did with me. Alas, I tried watching the movie again shortly after and decided that it was just this little book I enjoyed as far as anything goes with Star Wars. I shall stick to my Star Trek. Thanks.


3.5 stars.