Easy - Tammara Webber

I’m going into this review a bit wary actually. I mean, a lot of people loved this book. The amazing reviews are what attracted it to me and helped me to decide to give it a chance. Maybe my expectations were too high? Maybe some of my own life experiences hindered my full enjoyment of the read… I’m not sure. Either way, I just didn’t love it as much as so many of my other blogger friends did, and in the end, this made me really sad.


It’s rare for me to feel bad about not liking a book as much as I think I should’ve, and it happened to me in Easy.


Let me get to the plus points first of Easy and what I really enjoyed. Lucas is definitely crush-worthy. I can see his appeal with the readers and why he’s among the favorite male characters. He’s protective and smart and creative. Jacqueline is a great character that handles her situation pretty well. I like how she takes self defense. I really love the messages throughout the book. The rape wasn’t just a plot device for the romance between her and Lucas later in the story. It was really part of the story and to give off a strong message. This is definitely good. I also found her professor particularly enjoyable, despite his few appearances. His concern and care touched my heart. It’s engaging and completely un-put-down-able.


So what were my problems? Sometimes I didn’t really feel it. The so-called twists were not only really predictable, but felt forced and cliché to run along with the story. Of course, I can’t go into detail because I don’t want to give away spoilers. Lucas and Jacqueline’s romance came off rushed at times. Her attitude toward what happened to her felt a bit careless and reckless at certain moments. I realize this comment may contradict a bit of what I said above about her, but it's just hard to explain without giving spoilers. Yes, she handled what happened to her well through her emotions and later the self-defense and confiding in her best friend, but there were other moments when she became careless/reckless as if she wasn't thinking.


That's about the best I can do to explain. It really aggravated me at times. While I had my nitpicks and I was a bit disappointed, it was certainly engaging. I see where all the hype and love is coming from for Easy. And I will definitely still keep an eye out for more work from Webber in the future.


Oh and on a final note: I really adore the cover of this one, too.


3.5 stars