The Wolf Gift

The Wolf Gift - Anne Rice You can also see my review on my blog, The Bookaholic, at http://the-bookaholic.blogspot.comLet me start by saying Anne Rice was one of the first “adult” authors I began reading as a preteen, around the age of eleven or so, along with Stephen King. It was then I found my love of paranormal and horror reading and never stopped from there. But I’m not a religious person. Of course, I respect everyone’s beliefs as long as mine are respected. So, when Ms. Rice seemed to have left the genre I loved and went to Christian fiction, I stopped reading her material. It wasn’t an outcry or protest. It wasn’t me saying that I hated her writing. It was just simply the fact that I don’t read that genre and I couldn’t bring myself to read her new material. I wasn't interested. I was more sad than anything and afraid I’d never see her paranormal side again I guess.You would not even believe the excitement that filled me when I heard about The Wolf Gift coming out. I craved for a copy as soon as possible just to see if she was “back”, and boy am I glad to say that she is. It does get a bit preachy at times, but I found myself easily overcoming that with the beautiful detailed writing that Ms. Rice has always been known for. It has slow, melodic, poetic pacing that moves you along through the story smoothly-- however, let it be noted that I don’t think it’s a fast read. It wasn’t for myself, and in my opinion, I believe it’s meant to be savored. Yes, savor it. Her words flow like fine classical music.I’ve never been a big fan of the werewolf creature/myth. I have a hard time enjoying them in a lot of books really. It dragged sometimes for me here, but I learned to appreciate the creature a bit more--and maybe I’ll read more werewolf-themed books now.With all this said, I still think it wasn’t up to par as her earlier works (most notably Interview with a Vampire). There was a certain… finesse… lacking at times. I missed the tortured hero. And the detail and religious preachiness did get to be a bit toooo much during moments that I felt unnecessary. Ms. Rice is an excellent storyteller though. I really hope to see more work again in the near future.