Joyland (Hard Case Crime)

Joyland - Stephen King DNF. Just don't have the desire to continue anymore after reading 70 pages. Boring. The first fifty pages are mostly the guy narrating about job hunting and a woman that "never really loved him"/his ex just because she didn't give him sex. Just on and on, blah, blah, blah. I got quite annoyed with the narrator immediately and didn't feel like picking it back up. Disappointing. Wanted to love it because of the premise and awesome cover (I mean, seriously, the cover alone could be a fantastic collector's poster!). It probably does get better further along, and I'm probably willing to give it another chance when I have more reading time so I'm not completely writing this one off yet(especially when Stephen King is one of my faves), but I also know I'm not going to love every single book of his either. Haha. Pushing this back on to my pile and will give it another try later.