Rogue Touch

Rogue Touch - Christine Woodward

There are some things you may not know about me.

I’m a dork.

A big one.

I want to go to comic conventions. I want to dress up. The full enchilada. Make-up. Hair. Costume.

My favorite character is NOT Superman. (I rather dislike Superman actually).

I collect comic books.

X-Men to be more exact. :)


Which led to my interest of this book. Rogue Touch. Rogue is one of my favorite female comic characters and I couldn’t help the fascination that bubbled beneath my surface when I heard Marvel was teaming up to put out a novel about her character. I had a lot of issues though.


Mainly, this book read like a giant fan-fiction love-story to me more than anything. Maybe I shouldn’t have went into it with so much enthusiasm, but I did. If you’re expecting to go into Rogue Touch and see the X-Men Universe and many of your favorite mutants, you will not get that. Is this to say that it was a bad read? No, not really. The action sequences were well done and I was kept on the edge of my seat the majority of the read. I did enjoy reading about an early life of Rogue before X-Men, but I didn’t enjoy how her character seemed to be portrayed most of the time as I was reading.


For her being one of my favorite comic characters, I almost disliked her A LOT in this book. But mostly, I just disliked the over-abundance of romance, when I just wanted the story… the action. The descriptions were thorough enough for me to easily visualize everything, making scenes come across as cinematic. I liked that very much. The author gave me enough oomph to power through, even in times of annoyance. So that’s a bonus.


This was an easy and entertaining read. Personally, I would love to see more comic-book characters have novels like this.