Teeth - Hannah Moskowitz

I haven’t had much luck with mermaid reads in the past, but to say that Teeth is just a mermaid book would be quite of an understatement, I think. It’s much more than that.


I have to admit that it’s always a bit of a struggle to write a positive review of a book I love, more than it is to review where I can point out flaws or dislikes. I didn’t have any dislikes from Teeth.


When I sat down to read, I found myself in stunned silence, my eyes flying wildly through the pages until the end. I cried. I laughed. I fell in love. This book. Oh, this book. It’s so different from anything I’ve read in a long time… dark, emotional, and edgy. I’m sorry to say that I hadn’t read anything by Moskowitz until now. But it’s become my life mission to pick up everything from this point on that she releases or has released and devour her words. The writing is so raw and real…


In Teeth, I felt like it was real. She made it feel so real. My imagination soared. Rudy is protective and loyal and caring. He’s also very real feeling. A realistic teen. It’s in your face. So what if there’s a lot of cussing (I saw a few complaints somewhere)? That’s realistic! I adored him. And when Teeth came into the picture, it became so much more intense… and I felt the subtle underlying romance. Some readers might not even call it romance, and instead try to argue it as a deep friendship, but I saw a different side from my angle. Either way, their relationship was just…wow. I loved seeing it develop. They were both so different, but at the same time, alike. I know. I'm doing a lot of gushing and rambling, but I genuinely don't know what to say. I'm left speechless by this book!


It made me such an emotional wreck. Teeth is a compelling and beautifully raw read that you won’t be able to put down once you start.