City of Dark Magic: A Novel

City of Dark Magic - Magnus Flyte DNF. No rating due to not finishing--put it down about halfway through. Unfortunately, I couldn't get into this title as much as I'd have liked. It wasn't bad and I know there's readers to enjoy it much more than I did. The writing was solid and the premise of the story caught my attention from the beginning. My troubles were that I struggled keeping my focus on it throughout the read, and I found some points a little laughable (the first sex scene was just a bit much, I think?) in ways that it distracted me from what I was trying to enjoy--what I wanted to enjoy. Instead, I lost interest I'm sad to say and I didn't have the time to continue reading on through the rest of the book to see if it was going to pick the pace back up again. My good points were that I liked the building mystery right away as the reader going into the story...and I certainly liked the setting. Perhaps I'll give this title another try someday.