Losing It (Losing It, #1)

Losing It - Cora Carmack While this was an entertaining read that I found myself often unable to put down, I wasn’t entirely impressed and my expectations were a little let down. Then again, I went into it with probably higher expectations than I should’ve. I was excited by the premise and the cover is adorably hot. But it was a minor let-down while reading when I realized it wasn’t quite the read I had hoped for. Nonetheless, Losing It is full of fun and promise with characters that are entertaining and engaging. My biggest complaint is something that has been a problem with me for a while so perhaps I would’ve enjoyed it more if it hadn’t been that one glaring issue. It’s a growing nitpick for me in this trend I’m seeing so I just get more and more annoyed with every book I pick up that has it--the best friend secretly in love. Let me explain this a bit more before I continue on with my review. For some time, I didn’t have a problem with this at all. The MC has a best friend of the opposite sex, and then learns one day that the best friend is/has been in love with them ever so quietly for some time. It was a cute occurrence that I found realistic and enjoyable. Now it’s become so common, especially in the Contemporary department, that I’m starting to predict it right away before the confession even comes. I think this is when it needs to just stop. Besides… why can’t a character just have a best friend of the opposite sex, and be just friends (without the friend being gay, by the way)?? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Some of my closest friends have been male and it doesn’t mean I’m in love (or have ever been) with them. O_oMoving on. Besides some nitpicks, I read through Losing It in two quick sittings because I did find it rather entertaining and I couldn’t put it down. Bliss had a personality that made her unique--though I don’t think she should’ve been ashamed at all to be a virgin at her age--but I couldn’t quite ship her and Garrick. Sometimes he came across as too jealous and controlling in his actions, and I didn’t find that particularly attractive. No matter the accent. Especially in the start when they weren’t even technically dating and he got moody about her going out with friends (because other guys were around). Dude. I just wanted to yell a few times for him to back off a bit. And thankfully he did seem to develop more toward the end, becoming more easy-going with time. I just didn’t care for the romance much at all and what redeemed the whole thing was the actual story and writing. No insta-love. Some laugh-out-loud moments. Plus, Cade was a pretty awesome character. For additional bonus points, I finished it a couple weeks ago and I still haven’t forgotten it. Losing It is a fast read, full of impulsive and fun characters that you could easily fall in love with. This will make a good summer romance beach read if you’re interested. Also, if you haven’t seen the book trailer… watch it. I happen to love it. Haha.