Hysteria - Megan Miranda Stop by and see the tour stop where I interview the lovely Megan Miranda on the The BookaholicI liked the overall tone of Hysteria immediately from the first sentence. It was one of those reads that just pulled me right in and I held on until the very end. Though admittedly, I enjoyed Fracture probably more so than this title, I did find Hysteria thrilling, mysterious, and compulsively readable. I enjoyed the romantic interest, Reid, who seemed to be non-judgmental and open-minded. He showed easily that he didn’t care about the typical school gossip, no matter his popularity, and that what mattered was seeking the actual truth of the situation. The character dynamics and emotional reactions are well-done. I have this odd love of enjoying the whole boarding school setting thing. And while I wasn’t entirely wowed by it from this title, I did find it interesting enough to keep the story moving along. My only nitpicks might’ve been that I felt sympathy for poor Mallory pretty often--especially when it came to how her parents treated her after the murder--and being sent away within months afterward while still suffering from the trauma (enough of it to where she is on sleeping medication still). I was glad she’d at least found her friendship/relationship with Reid, because I felt her hopelessness at that point, and she really needed that connection as a character. It helped add some oomph to the pages. I found the mean girls a bit cliché and predictable, but it didn’t pull me away from the story. I still found myself easily breezing through it and finished quickly. Hysteria was an enjoyable fast-paced read that will steal your breath away with its strange mystery.