Blackwood - Gwenda Bond Blackwood was a DNF for me. I’ve had a couple of these this year already and it saddens me. But I’m insanely behind on my reading as it is and if something either doesn’t grab me within the first fifty pages or just screams “dislike” at me in the first fifty pages, I’m going to put it up at this point. Perhaps Blackwood gets better. And perhaps I’ll give it another try when I can. Right now, I don’t have the interest. No offense. I was let down sadly, reeled in by the appeal of the Roanoke legend and the blurb, but disappointed with the approach. Come on. Roanoke! I really, really, wanted to get into this book so bad but I just couldn’t. There were too many characters in the beginning to try and get to know right away I felt. I got lost quickly within the first couple of chapters, especially trying to get a “feel” for Miranda as a character since she seemed to be the main focus. Or that’s what I gathered. I don’t really have much to say other than this. I couldn’t get drawn into the story and I felt indifferent to the characters and the action. I’ve always had a fascination with this legend. It’s perhaps our most intriguing unsolved American case, and maybe I got too excited. Also someone said "Frak". Enough said. That’s where I stopped.Like I said above, there are times when I go back to my DNF pile (mostly toward the end of the year) and try again when the time and energy permits. This may be one of them because I do really like the idea, and would like to see where it leads by the end of it. Since it didn’t capture my interest within a good portion though, I had to put it down for now. And there’s still a possibility I won’t pick it back up. Everyone has different tastes though, so you may enjoy this one whereas I personally didn’t unfortunately.