Touch (Denazen Novel)

Touch - Jus Accardo You can also find my review at http://the-bookaholic.blogspot.comTouch was one of those in-your-face pieces from the very first chapter until the last with a lot of action and a unique plot line. I found it to be an enjoyable adventure of a read and the author created an interesting underground world of conspiracy and new ideas. My problem was that the characters completely missed the mark for me as well as the romance. Loved the overall story, but I couldn’t connect at all with Dez’s “voice” in the material. Yes she was an adrenaline junkie and liked to do anything and everything to make her father mad. I got that… but I just didn’t feel it. I wanted to find her vulnerable side too- and I never did. I think as a character she could have been a bit more developed and likeable. I also would have liked to know by the end why she is the only one immune.Sometimes I felt information was just tossed in to be fillers or a go-with-the-flow moment that were never thought out fully in the process and admittedly became a bit confused once or twice. Luckily, this didn’t distract too much from the story. I liked the background. The thought of a corporation controlling the Sixes to do their bidding--government cover ups, etc. because of their special powers, gave this a movie-quality feel. And that’s exactly how I imagined it. I think it would make a great film with the plot and action.I think I’m one of the few non 5 star ratings for this book. I couldn’t help but notice that it got a lot of those, and maybe I’m a bit out of the loop for that, but this is my completely honest opinion. If I based my rating on the story alone, then yeah, it would get that 5 star-- but unfortunately not this time around. This doesn’t mean bad news though. Touch was still an excellent read and I look forward to the sequel to find out what happens next!3.5 stars!