The Art of Wishing

The Art of Wishing - Lindsay Ribar The Art of Wishing could very well be one of my favorites so far this year. And possibly, one of the most memorable books I’ve read in some time. To say that it was flawless would be a lie, because it did have its minor flaws--like a bit of an insta-love romance which on this rare occasion I found myself glossing over, and just genuinely enjoying this entertaining and refreshing story beyond that. The characters set this one a part from many of the reads I’ve picked up the last few months…its quirkiness and outright charm made me smile from the first page, and I found it a complete non-stop page-turner until the last. I really enjoyed Margo’s wit and snark… as well as her take-charge attitude. I like heroines like this. None of that shy, timid, damsel-in-distress personality. None of that “awkward girl” with no friends or depressing home life (though her own home life is a bit on the unusual side and annoys her at times). Margo isn’t quite the popular girl, but she has her small group of friends, along with her best friend that I also adored. In some ways, she reminded me of my own high school days. The villain had real motive. He was what I felt every bad guy should be portrayed as. There wasn’t any of that “I want the girl! You shall give her to me!” thing that’s often seen in the genre. It was just a pure evil guy gone crazy and he made sense to the story. Thank. You.So, I don’t have a lot to say about The Art of Wishing other than a bunch of gushing about how much I just adored this book. It’s fun and charming and…completely magical! If you’re thinking about reading this one, don’t hesitate. It’s a definite must-read!