Undeadly (Harlequin Teen) - Michele Vail Dear Undeadly, You not only gave me a fun, refreshing read, but there was something there in your pages I found absolutely entertaining. Maybe more entertaining than I should have liked. I admit to a bit of surprise by the immediate connection I had. I wasn’t able to quit turning those pages. What was it that made you stand-out so much compared to the other YA books I’d read all year?? Why couldn’t I forget you, even days after I finished reading you??! PixieTo get my point across, there are diary entries throughout Undeadly, and I felt the need to start my review with a short snippet myself. Normally, I’m not fond of most styles like this, but it worked in Undeadly, and I really quite liked the informal style and tone of the narration. I have to say I was wary in picking this title up. Wary and excited. The blurb reminded me a bit of the House of Night (um, ew) but with the idea of reapers and so much ancient Egyptian mythology ideas behind it (definitely awesome), I couldn’t help but feel drawn to it either way. I only hoped before starting that it wouldn’t be a let down. And it really wasn’t in the end.There are some odd nitpicks I might point out. There are some annoyances that I’m sure would bother some readers--like when it comes to the big plot twist, there is a lot of foreshadowing, and I pretty much had it guessed halfway through reading. And Molly makes some stupid mistakes at times, to be honest. But for once in one of my rare occurrences, I wasn’t over-analyzing everything, and just genuinely enjoying the story itself because I was so entertained by it. One thing I might say: I do say Whatevs a lot myself. It’s in my daily vocabulary/texting. But when it comes to the narration of a character, I don’t like seeing that word so much. It read funny and I often got annoyed seeing Molly use it so often throughout the story.All in all, I found Undeadly to be an entertaining page turner, refreshing, and down-right fun. I look forward to the next installment for sure!