Undead - Kirsty McKay I love zombies as much as I love my vampires. And that’s saying something because I’ve loved vampires since I was probably six years old. Granted, I haven’t been part of the zombie craze as long as some people…and really, I haven’t got into them until the last couple of years when they stole my brains…er…heart. I totally meant heart. And I didn’t mean in some weird twisted way. Metaphorically, of course. Back on topic. Zombies are awesome. And I love reading a good zombie story any day. Undead wasn’t the best thing I’ve read since getting into the genre, but it was good. It certainly packed a punch when it came to action and held a good sassy narrative. This was something that had all action and started with a bang right from the beginning. There wasn’t really any story exactly, other than monsters and a bunch of ass kicking and blood and gore through out, but it was entertaining nonetheless. At times, it felt like I was watching a cheesy horror film though and that’s because it’s your typical zombie book with traditional clichés of shuffling, arms out zombies. I didn’t really find anything that made it POP. Not much else I can add to that. But it is funny, full of excellent sarcastic quips, and quite fast-paced. It didn’t stun me in comparison to other zombie novels I’ve read. Especially recently when I’ve read some true greats that I would probably recommend over this one first to be honest. However, I would still recommend it to the zombie fans. If you’re zombie-crazed, you’ll probably enjoy. At the very least, you’ll get a few laughs and excitement.3.5 stars!