Virtuosity - Jessica Martinez You can also see my review at http://the-bookaholic.blogspot.comI admit now that I haven’t read a lot of contemporary romance in my lifetime, YA or Adult. I tend to lean toward the fantasy side and always have-- perhaps because I like the world building authors create for that material. We all have our preferences, right? It doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy something different on occasion, though, and I certainly enjoyed Virtuosity on levels that surprised me since it was outside my usual reading genre. Before I continue, I should tell you that I do have favorite books that I will reread countless times in my lifetime that aren’t fantasy in the slightest, so this isn’t a first reading a contemporary anyway. I loved the musical theme behind Virtuosity. As a fan of classical music myself, it was nice reading of a character who centered around that interest. The violin is a beautiful instrument to listen to, although I’m preferential to piano as cliché as that may be. It was interesting following her path. I never realized how strenuous classical training could be if one was extremely serious in the lifestyle and the author shows the reader this. Martinez creates a believable story with real characters and problems in an everyday world. So, what was my problem?The romance. Once again, I’m faced with a potential excellent piece that can blow me away, but the romance almost kills it for me. I didn’t find it satisfying or realistic in this aspect of the story. It happened all too quickly as is often the case in a lot of the literature these days unfortunately, and I only wished these two main characters would have progressed a bit more slowly in their affections toward each other. However, I’m at a crossroads at the same time since they both had a common ground and he brought on a lot of self-awareness for Carmen. The ending almost sets a tone for a sequel, but I hope not. This was just fine as a stand-alone and I really don’t see a need for a sequel at all. It would only drag out. Good writing and it kept me engaged throughout. I must say that at least it may get me into more contemporaries in the near future so that is a bonus.3.5 stars!