A Bite to Remember (Argeneau Vampire Series #5)

A Bite to Remember - Lynsay Sands I believe I read this in 2007 or maybe early 2008? I can't remember exactly, so I've just left the date to "not set". I know it's been a few years since I've read it. Haha. But the interesting thing is... I didn't forget that I did enjoy this book. I believe I've already stated in one review before that I don't read much erotica in general. It's not much my genre type. I don't have anything against it... I just have never been a huge fan, with the exception of The Black Dagger Brotherhood series (and even with that series, I'm not a huge fan of the erotica elements, and more fan of the storyline). Anyway, normally when I pick up an erotica, it's because a friend has loaned it to me or recommended it to me so much that I've went and bought it to see if it's really that good. In the case of A Bite To Remember, it was something a bit different. I saw it sitting on the bookshelf and the cover was interesting. I was out of material to read at the time and the blurb caught my interest enough to where I purchased it on a whim. A book that was in a genre that normally doesn't appeal to me, just out of nowhere.At the time, I had no clue that it was actually a part of a series, either.And even while reading it, I didn't know. I didn't learn about the series until later after finishing the book. I thought it read very well as a stand-alone piece. And that in itself was good for me. I thought the characters and action were well thought-out and structured. I also liked the fact that there was an actual storyline there, too, and not all about just sex. That's what I dislike about a lot of eroticas. The lack of a true story. But this one had a story, so that earned bonus points there. And while it probably was not a "wow" piece or some great, amazing piece of literature, it entertained, and I enjoyed it. I have yet to read anything else of this series... but thinking back now on how I did enjoy this book after all... well, I may just have to start looking into them sometime soon. :)