How My Summer Went Up in Flames

How My Summer Went Up in Flames - Jennifer Salvato Doktorski Rosie is in a bit of a dilemma from the start. She’s found herself in trouble with the law, her ex, his family, and has been served a temporary restraining order after causing his car to set on fire. Well, isn’t that a rough patch? To keep from any more harm, she then goes off on a road trip with her childhood best friend and his two buddies. The more distance between her and her ex, the better is what her and her family thinks. As I progressed into this story, I really enjoyed the witty humor and banter between the characters…but the set-up for the road trip may have been slightly hard to take serious when it comes to a seventeen year old girl and three guys. Or maybe I’m just an over-protective parent? However, Rosie’s mom and her never-ending check-ins did seem realistic. I did want to imagine the characters older at times, though. But that was just me. I admit I wasn’t fond of Rosie in the beginning of the story. Her attitude turned me off at times--clingy, over-reacting, judgmental--but she developed through passing time and grew into a likeable character that I wanted more of by the end. The trip and places were fun. I could easily imagine most of the stops--most particularly places I’d even been to on vacation before--and I enjoyed reading about the mini-adventures along the way. I didn’t really see the romance coming at all until closer to the end. I mean, I knew it was building…the tension could be felt between Rosie and Logan… but not much gave way until closer to the end. Is this bad? Of course not. I wasn’t bombarded by insta-love and that made me happy. :)I also found it cute that I could practically imagine the music along the way. It was a topic picked on often. :PIt was an entertaining ride-along of a read and I look forward to reading more of Doktorski’s work in the future. P.S. That cover is one of my favorites this year, too! So adorable!