Shadow of a Dead Star (The Wonderland Cycle #1)

Shadow of a Dead Star  (The Wonderland Cycle #1) - Michael Shean Review also found at http://the-bookaholic.blogspot.comI was provided a copy for review by publicity personnel affiliated with the author. This does not affect or influence my opinion in any way.Shadow of a Dead Star shocked me. Not in a way that it was bad, but good. I didn’t know what to expect going into it really, and soon found myself reading a cyber-punk science fiction piece. This is a genre I don’t think I’ve ever really dived into, but may perhaps have to start looking at a bit more often now because it was entertaining. Honestly, I’ve never been real attracted to the whole technological science fiction genres (space, futuristic/weird, robotic, etc.) and have always found my science fiction liking to be more geared toward steampunk, dystopian sub-genres, and general styles that don’t involve as much science perhaps. (Irony maybe that they’re classified in Sci-Fi but not as much “science” within the text?)Michael Shean probably changed my mind a bit, though. I may have to start looking around and see if I can perhaps pick up some more of these types of reading materials in the distant future because I thoroughly enjoyed this. The world he created was fascinating and the story was fast-paced and action packed. I loved the technology and the twists and turns that were presented throughout. It started out a bit slow, to be honest, but once I got over the small hump and got into it, I read through it rather quickly. What I also liked about this was that it was a crime thriller and detective story. The reader, if you highly enjoy cyber-punk and science fiction- as well as crime stories, will get the best of both worlds when reading Shadow of a Dead Star. So, while it was one of my first forays into cyber-punk, it was an easy transition due to the crime story as a backdrop, I believe. The thing is, though, if you look at the bigger picture of the story, I feel that it’s more focused on humanity rather than technology. The future of the world Shean created for Shadow of a Dead Star is a dark one- certainly one I hope to never see.The characters are well-crafted and details done just right enough for good visuals throughout. This isn’t your everyday science fiction, either way. I enjoyed it- and that’s a bonus for sure because it’s hard to get me to truly enjoy a hardcore Sci-Fi. Ha. Original, compelling, and one not to be missed.I recommend it to all lovers of Science Fiction, Cyber-Punk, and Crime Thrillers/Mystery.4.5 stars!