Shades of Temptation

Shades of Temptation - Virna DePaul DNF. And for once it's not because I can't enjoy it. I think I could. Or at least find it entertaining. But I just can't get past that it's actually the 2nd book to a series (despite that it can be read as a stand-alone). It just bothers me as a reader. I'm really picky about stuff like that. Sorry! I would prefer to read the 1st book and then this one so it would feel smoother and I could judge it better. Unfortunately, I'm going to mark on my DNF list for now, and likely get it again later. :) With that said, maybe there should be a note in the title somewhere that it's book two so there's no confusion for anyone else also?? Another note: Don't worry, this really can be read as a stand alone. At my stopping point (100 pages in), I hadn't seen any kind of evidence that hinted at spoilers or confusion from the first book. This was based on my own personal preference as a reader when it comes to series books.