The Juliet Spell

The Juliet Spell - Douglas Rees Full review at http://the-bookaholic.blogspot.comThis book surprised me! It was fun and cute. As a Shakespeare fan, I was completely grabbed by the story. Afterward, I wanted to run to my bookshelf and grab up my own copy of “Romeo and Juliet” to re-read for the millionth time. This was such an interesting, imaginative, modern idea.However, I don’t give it the highest praise it could have received. Why? The characters bumped it down a notch for me. I wanted to see more from them as well as the romance. The idea, while absolutely fantastic, just didn’t live to the FULL potential because I felt the characterization wasn’t fully developed. The romance felt slightly cheesy at times (I‘m also not a fan of quick fall-in-love plotlines when the reader barely even knows the characters themselves), and I got a bit annoyed with the MC’s ignorance. I feel if the characterization had been built just a bit better, the story could have been even greater.Still, The Juliet Spell was imaginative, fun, entertaining and cute. It was a quick read and I enjoyed it!