The Diviners

The Diviners - Libba Bray What a monster of a book! I like big books (and I cannot lie). The Diviners interested me from the moment I’d heard about it. Then some of my blogging friends were continuously giving it high praises. So I knew I just had to have this book as soon as possible. It felt incredibly good reading something so fresh. At least for me. Until this book, I really hadn’t read anything that has taken place during the Roaring 20’s. It was great and now I feel like this is one of those fashion time periods that should be brought back. I have to say though that the blurb for The Diviners doesn’t really give it justice. I was going into it expecting something fluffy and fun, and instead I received an intense dark story, heavy with creep factor, and an in-depth read full of WOW. I’d read Bray before, several years ago with Great and Terrible Beauty, and while that particular story didn’t blow me away, I’d always known that I would like more of Bray’s work. She has a crazy talented writing skill that displays so much characterization, story-building, and details. Maybe my biggest qualm with The Diviners was reading a lot of the 20’s slang--often times just wanting to see more normal dialogue--and sometimes it felt a bit bogged down with too much information or details. It has a bit of a slow start. As I said, it’s a long book, so there were some moments where I did get a bit bored with too much of it tossed in. Not necessarily bad, because it progressed the story, but I thoroughly enjoyed it by the end. It is worth the time to sit and read. Before I knew it, the pages were flying from my fingers until the last page was turned. Extremely glad I read this--now I want more Bray!