Peaceweaver - Rebecca Barnhouse I may have been one of rare ones in my Lit classes that always enjoyed it when it came time to studying Beowulf. It's one classic piece I've always had a love for. Peaceweaver reminded me of that love through its classically written story and beautiful elements. I absolutely loved every minute of reading. It was full of high fantasy, adventure, well-crafted characters and amazingly descriptions. I was on the edge of my seat, riveted with emotions as I scrolled through the pages.Peaceweaver is said to be a companion novel to Ms. Barnhouse's "The Coming of the Dragon" but I had no troubles reading it as a stand-alone (as I hadn't read the other unfortunately). However, now knowing just how creative and masterful this set is, I will have to go out and get the other book most definitely. Normally, I'm honestly not one to read a lot of high fantasy such as this style but I have my moments where I may pick them up on occasion. Anything revolving around mythology would be an interest-- and Beowulf world-style literature such as this certainly would, too. I am so ecstatic that I requested this title! I will be recommending this to many!An imaginative, breathtaking, and compelling read.4.5 stars!