Hush, Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick Review also found at my blog, The Bookaholic: http://the-bookaholic.blogspot.comHellooooo Patch! Why haven’t we met before? I seriously can’t believe I’ve just now picked this book up. Oh so addictive, mouth-watering, and incredibly fantastic. I am not a Twilight fan to say the least really, and I really wasn’t a fan of the Fallen series (didn’t make it past book one), so needless to say I was apprehensive for the last several months to even read Hush, Hush. I bought it though one day after a friend kept telling me how good it was, and I kept seeing some good reviews (as well as some mixed) among other blogger friends, but it still sat on my shelf for months collecting dust before I finally decided to take the leap and pick it up with some trepidation. I understand and see how people would have a love or hate relationship with Hush, Hush. You’re either really going to love it, or you’re probably going to hate it. It does have a lot of similarities to Twilight, I admit, but the similarities are where the line is drawn. Huge differences are seen easily within the elegant writing (and it is a much better story-telling style) and characterization alone. From the first page, as I cautiously began reading mind you, I was immediately pulled right into the story and couldn’t tear my eyes away. Hush, Hush became a guilty pleasure very fast. Becca Fitzpatrick gave me oomph! She gave me real characters that are three dimensional, that I connected to, and a charming, sexy and mysterious romance that didn’t make me cringe. I did have some small nitpicks, and they're talked about on some of the negative reviews found on the book page (i.e. Patch being a bit stalkerish at times, a teacher that seemed completely unbelievable), but I wasn't so annoyed that it distracted me from the read. Just my own personal experience though.I’m extremely excited that I read it finally. I’m sure to read it again--and I really look forward to reading the other installments, Crescendo and Silence, soon!