Her Forgotten Betrayal - Anna DeStefano Thank you to Entangled Publishing for providing a copy to read/review in return of my honest opinion.You can now find my review and interview with author Anna DeStefano on the blog: http://the-bookaholic.blogspot.com/2012/06/blog-tour-her-forgotten-betrayal.htmlHer Forgotten Betrayal immediately starts with the action and that’s what I like. The story pulls you right in and it’s entertaining from the beginning with page-turning scenes and an interesting idea. This wasn’t cheesy romance, or even something I’d consider “too naughty”. Just enough spice to give the book some oomph. What I liked most was following Shaw along on her recovery to gaining her memories back. What would you do if you ever experienced some type of accident that left you with amnesia? I think it’d be awful. Memories can be so important to us, and I think after reading this, I realized just how much. This makes you think about life and possible second chances. Cole Marinos sounds like the typical knight-in-shining-armor that women adore. I’d probably be one of them. He was a sweetheart to Shaw. Protective and loyal. I liked how even after years of not seeing her, he was quick to drop his own past problems to help her out in any way necessary. And even through some of her whiney, weak, or crazy moments, he remained completely patient. The only thing/minor nitpick I may have on this read personally would be that while yes, there’s a major twist at the end, I found it a bit predictable. It could have easily just been me. I think oftentimes I’m really a good guesser when it comes to mysteries/crimes, so I’d already guessed about halfway through on what the twist was. Ha. Otherwise, I found it really an entertaining read that I couldn’t put down. The action was there. The romance was strong. The scenery was lovely.If you like a bit of spice, mystery, rekindled romance, and drama: this is for you.